Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tech Bits

I'm not sure when they did it since I was on vacation until this week, but it seems Technorati has added trend images to searches, allowing you to track how popular a term has been in its blog index for the past 30 360 days. It's something rivals IceRocket and Blogpulse have had for a while.

Myspace seems to become more and more filled up with scammers lately. I keep getting spams from random profiles asking to be added as friends. Naturally, when you go to the profiles, they're hardly anything more than random links to "take surveys for money," and all the usual suspects.

On a related note, Vitalsecurity.org reports on how the adware and spyware company Zango is using Myspace to get unwitting users to promote its software.

UPDATE 14:15. I didn't notice but Technorati's chart goes back for 360 days. Very nice.

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