Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Canadian Conservatives Accuse Liberals of Bribing MPs

The Liberals are engaging in squalid horse-trading in a bid to forestall their defeat in the Commons, the opposition Conservatives said Tuesday.

The Tories said at least four of their MPs had been offered plum government jobs to remove their votes from a coming showdown in the House. The Liberals denied the charge and no evidence was put forward by the Tories who made the claim, MP Inky Mark and deputy leader Peter MacKay.

Mark said a cabinet minister called to offer him an ambassadorship. MacKay said he was aware of similar offers to at least four Tories.

The allegations come in a political climate so intense the fate of the government could turn on a single vote.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper confirmed Monday night he will attempt to bring down the government in a confidence vote this spring.

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