Monday, May 02, 2005

Washington State to Try Election in Court

Judge John Bridges this morning said he would allow Republicans to offer statistical analysis to show how illegal voters cast ballots in the November governor's election.

In Chelan County Superior Court, Bridges denied a Democratic Party motion to exclude the evidence, saying he did not see anything in law or court precedent that would prohibit the use of expert testimony to show how illegal votes were cast. [...]

Republicans want to be able to use what they call proportional deduction. They want to use expert testimony to show that illegal votes by felons and others in any given precinct should be apportioned between Rossi and Gregoire at the same rate they won the overall vote in that precinct. The illegal votes would then be deducted from both candidates' totals. [...]

Democratic Party Attorney David Burman told Bridges that the Republican plan relies on chance and leaves "a great potential for unproductive sour grapes."

Is it just me or is this an example of both sides flipping their positions from the battle over the 2000 census in which the Democrats supported sampling while Republicans were against it?