Saturday, May 07, 2005

Watching the Tube in Nashville

Just got back to the hotel and saw an ad for a syndicated "View" knock-off show called "Life & Style." I remember hearing about the show in 2004 when it launched but haven't heard a lot of buzz about it since. Apparently, Sony Pictures, the show's distributor, is only now seriously pushing it out for syndication, though ratings are not going too well as far as I've seen poking around through LexisNexis.

Another thing I noticed is that the Fox affil here has a British guy (named Ashley Webster) as its lead male anchor. Western Tennessee isn't exactly the first place you'd think to hear a British voice on TV.

UPDATE: I haven't dared to put up any of my shots from my camera phone, so instead, I'm linking to Eric Scheie's Classical Values blog since he has a nice camera (didn't get the specs, sorry) and has been posting some very good pics, especially of the architecture of the area.