Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Off to BlogNashville

I'm headed off to Tennessee for the upcoming BlogNashville conference where, among other things, I will be participating in a panel on protecting anonymous bloggers.

My camera phone is also coming along and I'll try and use Flickr to post a few photos. Or not.

If you're going and haven't checked out the official event site for a while, you might want to since Bob Cox, the tireless primary force behind BlogNashville, and Jason Clarke, the web guy who set up the very attractive site, have got some announcements and other cool stuff such as this BN discussion tracker which uses Technorati,, and Flickr tags to show what everyone's saying about the conference.

PS: I am going to be setting up an IRC server for BlogNashville. Right now, I'll probably try to work something out with someone at Belmont University, host of the event, unless someone can recommend a free or quickie IRC server somewhere else.