Friday, July 08, 2005

Bus Bomb Was Carried by Suicide Attacker

The Sun has an account from several eyewitnesses. This was the first suicide bomb in the West as far as I can remember. Here's an excerpt:
Shocked survivors told how they saw a “suicide bomber” on board the double-decker bus destroyed in yesterday’s terrorist outrage.

Up to 20 people were last night feared dead after the packed No 30 was ripped apart by a 9.47am blast in Tavistock Square, Central London.[...]

Terence Mutasa, 27, a staff nurse at University College hospital, said: “I treated two girls in their 20s who were involved in the bus bomb.

“They were saying some guy came and sat down and that he exploded. The girls received minor injuries and were in shock and distressed.

“They said the guy just sat down and the explosion happened. They thought it was a suicide bomber.”

Passenger Richard Jones was convinced he saw the bomber setting his device.

He said he became suspicious of the olive-skinned man because he looked anxious and was fiddling constantly with his bag.