Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ford, Chrysler Copy GM's Employee Discount Program

Watching one of the local DC political television shows today, I noticed that Ford has now embarked on its own employee discount sale after its American rival GM saw sales increase by 47 percent with its own program.

In the past, Ford has said it didn't want to match GM's pricing since the discount is quite steep. But after the company revealed a few days ago that its core truck business was hit heavily by the GM sale. In a reverse of its past fortune, Ford's car sales were up thanks to the redesigned Mustang. (Only the GT and up models are nice imo).

Daimler-Chrysler, meanwhile, already announced that it will be copying the employee sale program. All of this comes as Nissan and Toyota are having record years in the U.S. while Hyundai is seeing its best totals ever.

Ironically, I couldn't find news of either Ford or Daimler-Chrysler's web sites.

Will this turn into something more? And will American car makers finally realize that they're now the underdogs and start acting more like Hyundai?