Thursday, July 07, 2005

MSNBC Brings Out the Big Guns

Looks like the brass at cable NBC is trying to own the London terrorist attacks. They've got Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Andrea Mitchell on the cable channel on an early Thursday afternoon.

In other TV news, Brian Stelter informs that Greta Van Susteren has been called out of Aruba. It's sad that it took such a tragic event to make television news stop trivializing itself. The comparison to 9/11 and the summer of the shark is just too stark not to note.

UPDATE: Couric and Williams are off but MSNBC is still trying to keep viewers by not going to commercials unlike FNC. I haven't watched CNN long enough to know if it's doing commercials.

UPDATE II: CNN is doing commercials.

UPDATE 8:48, CNN Headline News host Nancy Grace is not on the air for the biggest story of 2005. Why?