Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mapes, Rather Collaborate on Martyrdom

It's long been known that nearly everyone at CBS News hated Dan Rather. Now we learn in today's New York Post that he's not getting assignments in exile (since no one trusts him) and that he and fired "60 Minutes Wednesday" producer Mary Mapes are collaborating on her upcoming memoirs.
Rather, who is still on staff with CBS, is "trying to make sure he comes out all right and is trying to help salvage his name through Mary's book," the outraged insider says. Rather is said to be furious with his new, marginalized position at "60 Minutes."

"Dan has got nothing to do," the source elaborates. "No one at '60 Minutes' wants him doing pieces for them because he's considered tainted. Everyone at CBS just wants him to leave the building but he won't. He's bored and Mary strokes his ego telling him, 'You're so great, Dan. You're still the best, Dan.' But still, no one can believe he's helping her with the book. CBS still gives him a paycheck."