Thursday, April 28, 2005

Afternoon Links

  • Fusion experiment produces no energy but may lead to new drilling, scanning techniques.

  • Guardian lampoons Huffington blog project. I'm detecting a parody of blogging in general as well. Funny stuff.

  • Maybe this is just the first time I noticed them, but this morning, I discovered Slashdot is now including advertising in its XML stream. In other web news, Yahoo unveiled its revamped news service today. I like. Jason Clarke talks about Weblogs, Inc's usage of RSS.

  • Captain Ed comments on the huge scandal in Canada revolving around the Liberal Party's enrichment of itself and supporters with money meant to bribe Quebec into staying in the country. Why haven't American media outlets covered this story much, he wonders.

    I'd say its partly because they're filling their meager foreign news holes with Iraq stuff and that foreign affairs in this country is too often perceived as our dealings with Europeans. On this point, I note that Oxblog hasn't touched the scandal at all according to Google.

  • Peter Johnson, USA Today's head TV writer, has a lengthy piece in today's editions on how the broadcast networks are trying to change things now that Brokaw, Rather, and apparently Jennings, are fading into history.

  • Are Republicans reading too much into their electoral victories? Joe Gandelman is beginning to think so.

  • Speaking of misreading, the Washington Times says Bush critics are misinterpreting the final Iraq chem/bio weapon report I posted about earlier. It does not, according to the Times, deny the possibility that weapons were shipped out of Iraq. Perhaps I should get around to reading the actual report or at least the summary.