Monday, April 25, 2005

Morning Linkdump

Radio righty Michael Savage says FNC canceled four skedded appearances for criticism of O'Reilly, Hannity.

What would happen to the European Union if France, the lead architect of unionism, rejects the European constitution? The Times of London has details.

Jeff Jarvis: TV is good for you and is getting better. Partly right. TV is getting better but it's also getting worse. We're just getting more of both. I think you can make the case that drama on television has improved and grownup cartoons like "King of the Hill" and "Ghost in the Shell" are far better than Roger Rabbit, but sitcoms still suck, local news is getting worse, and celebrity/trial shows are proliferating like never before.

Disaffected Anglicans make overtures to new pope. When will people who want religion out of politics learn to keep their politics out of others' religion?

Republican supporter targeted newspapers with hundreds of letters to editors using different names. Try starting a blog, dude. (Via Dan Gillmor)

BBC gives microphones to anti-Conservative hecklers. Surprising, isn't it? Biased BBC's reaction: "If I were Michael Howard I'd announce that no Tory would appear on any BBC programme or answer questions from any BBC journalist until after the election."

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team give a few details on the next version. Finally transparent PNG support. But will it be enough to stop savvier netizens from migrating to Firefox or Opera? More MS news: Apple accuses it of "shamelessly" copying. MS trades lawsuits with company over JPEG patents.