Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Get Over Yourself

Politics, religion, art are the only areas of life where some people think they have the right to have others share their tastes.

In the political sphere, this attitude periodically manifests itself in anguished essays saying that America is going to hell, or if the author doesn't believe in that, becoming a theocracy.

During the late 90s after Republicans ran a crappy presidential candidate and had no message in the 1998 elections, it was the social conservatives' turn to whine about how terrible and stupid America was. Now, with the passage of many traditional marriage amendments, the victory of George W. Bush, and the terrible evil of Republicans trying to stop Terri Schiavo from dying, it's social liberals who are practically cutting themselves over how their fellow Americans suck.

Bill Clinton and his supporters did not destroy America after winning reelection or managing to avoid being removed from office. George Bush, Rick Santorum and their supporters aren't about (or willing) to turn America into a totalitiarian religious state. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get over themselves and stop being such an extremist.

UPDATE: Dean Esmay lampoons the "fundamentalism is upon us" folks.