Friday, April 29, 2005

Night Links

  • Norwegian woman convicted of raping a man.

  • How do you compare to British body politic? Take this test to find out where you are on their political axes. From the same people who brought you the creatively named Political Survey.

  • I have to get me one of these, a Motorola A630. Too bad only T-Mobile has them. I'm a Cingular subscriber.

  • Congressmen Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and Albert Wynn are trying to fix the mess created by the travesty formerly known as McCain-Feingold. Senators, meanwhile, want more censorship reforms. So far, the media drums are staying quiet.

  • DUers (well one of them at least) discuss "biphobia."

  • Cookies, those little bits of information online advertisers and most web sites store on surfers' computers, are apparently irksome to most people. Adrants has the goods. I generally accept cookies only from sites where it's convenient for me to be logged in next time I visit.

  • David Limbaugh: Why do [liberals] seem to think that only Christians must keep their views to themselves once they are elected to office?

  • Great article by Stewart Brand on how the environment movement needs to change and embrace technology (such as nuclear power and genetic engineering) more. I suspect in less than 10 years, there will be a significant rift in the movement between tech skeptics and tech supporters, especially when more conservatives realize there's a lot of money to be made in preserving the environment through the market. (Via Dean.)

  • Joe Gandelman rounds up the reactions to the launch of Apple's new OS release. Joe also reports that the famous "Soup Nazi" from "Seinfeld" is actually opening up a chain of restaurants across the country.

  • Joi Ito on different cultures' attitudes towards punctuality. All the stereotypes are true he thinks, but largely because punctuality is something everyone in a society has to sort of agree on.

  • Matt Yglesias dismisses complaints of a long-term Chinese threat on the grounds that the US and its Asian allies have far more resources than China. Probably true, though I don't see how this argument applies to a short-term action. He also makes some sensible points on libertarian drug policy to illustrate how knee-jerk anti-paternalism doesn't make sense.