Friday, April 22, 2005

Newspapers ≠ Print

In an otherwise good post over at the Media Drop, Tom Biro declares, "Print is dead to the (young) world. News, however, is not."

So magazines are dead, too? I think not. The era of the mass-circulation daily or weekly is arguably over, but I'm not sure that can be said for the niche publication.

As much as I like getting my news through the computer or phone, there's still something about holding a finely printed book or magazine that you just can't duplicate with a meager display quality of a handheld or laptop computer which cannot even render smooth text without resorting to cheating. Print news companies can survive if they can figure out a way to combine the interactivity and choice of computer-delivered news with the comfort and readability of print.

Print, as we know it, is destined for death, though I think it has the capability to reemerge in a different-but-similar form.